It all started

with a love for dance as a freedom of expression, with the idea that your body can somehow translate a melody or a drum beat into a dance move. The profound magic that is created when belly dance moves marry a particular melody or rhythm, is what inspires me to let go, improvise and be free. Belly dancing is a journey of the mind and body, both when entertaining and learning. 

As a self-taught dancer, one of my favorite things about belly dancing is the constant learning curve and technique development. Your body is constantly surprising you with its agility. It's a slow, yet exciting journey.

As a natural entertainer, I love connecting with the crowd through a playful, natural improvisation. Improvising a show keeps the dancer in control, and open to reading the audience. Plus, you know you're getting a one-of-a-kind show every single time.

As a choreographer, I love creating formations and playful rhythmic ripples for group routines. I have experience in putting on shows for my own belly dance troop and successfully choreographing synchronized routines.

For my private lessons, I focus on letting the natural style and potential of the student shine through. I believe that they key in private dance lessons is to find out the persons' strengths and build from there, not imposing your own style on the student.

 Photo Credit: Tracey Lloret Photography

Photo Credit: Tracey Lloret Photography

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